Big Dividend of nearly 10% for Devon Energy

• 9.7% estimated forward dividend yield, estimated fair value of $80 per share.
• Paying out up to 50% of free cash as a variable dividend.
• Moderate expansion strategy focused primarily on efficiency improvements within existing wells.
• Over 10 years of production at current levels, with a multi-state portfolio heavily weighted in oil, significant gas assets could be developed if market demand increases.
• Mixed hedge strategy, with 20% of oil production hedged.


Pioneer Resources Leads S&P500 For Dividend Yield

• 11% Expected Dividend Yield based on second quarter run rate, an estimated fair value of $280 per share.
• Boasts highest yield in S&P500 with a 25% increase in base dividend yield to $3.12 annually per share and a variable dividend yield based 80% payout ratio of free cash flow.
• Strong focus on free cash generation by maximizing margins and prudently deploying capex (Capital Expenditures).
• Sector low cash costs coupled with sector high realized price so far in 2022 results in highest gross margins.
• Strong Balance sheet with low debt-to-EBITDA of 0.1.
• Goal is to “produce the lowest cost barrels with the highest margins and lowest emissions.”

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6% Dividend Yield for Hanes Brands Coupled with Growth is Compelling

• 6.0% dividend yield (45% payout ratio), with growing activewear and “full potential” cost trimming program.
• #1 market share in North America, with household name brands like Champion and Hanes.
• Expansion to consumer delivery methods, launching direct-to-consumer websites.
• Estimated Fair Value of $18.00


Broadcom Broadens Cloud Offerings with VMWare Acquisition

• 3.2% Dividend Yield with growth with an estimated Fair Value of $560
• Massive portfolio of over 19,000 patents, set to expand with VMWare acquisition.
• Over 99.9% of internet transactions flow through a Broadcom product at some point, with 80% of Wi-Fi systems being built with Broadcom technology.
• 50% FCF dividend payout, expected to continue unchanged after VMWare acquisition, targeting 2.5x debt-to-EBITDA by 2025.
• A Top trusted brand, with 773 of top 2000 global firms as clients – most of whom use at least 2 Broadcom systems.


Himax 16% Yield. Price Earnings Ratio 4.5 – Estimated Fair Value of $16. 100% possible appreciation.

Himax (HIMX) great dividend yield of 16% and low PE of 4.5. Growth stock and an unbelievable value. Display technology is everywhere and Himax is growing with it. Set to increase earnings and increase PE from PE of 4.5 to at least a PE of 10. Big dividend paid in June 2022 of $1.25 per share and expect a similar dividend next year in June.


Fresenius SE May be Free of Headwind Woes

• 3.2% Dividend Yield, 28% payout ratio, with a 29th consecutive dividend increase in 1Q22.
• Estimated Fair Value of $11.44
• Global footprint, with a dominant share in Europe and an increasing share in emerging markets.
• Some headwinds in labor costs and supply chain, but tailwinds in regulation, growth in telemedicine, and growth in private healthcare in Europe.
• Acquisition of Ivenix (IV technology) and a majority share of mAbxience (biosimilar developer/manufacturer) to help accelerate growth in the Kabi segment.


Hanes Brands Unlocks Potential with “Full Potential” Initiative

• 6.0% dividend yield (45% payout ratio), with growing activewear and “full potential” cost trimming program.
• #1 market share in North America, with household name brands like Champion and Hanes.
• Expansion to consumer delivery methods, launching direct-to-consumer websites.
• Estimated Fair Value of $18.00


Stanley Drills Down Future Amid Temporary Headwinds

• 2.9% Dividend Yield with manageable 30-35% payout ratio.
• Estimated Fair Value of $165.
• Free cash flow machine, with FY2022 free cash estimated to be between $1-1.5 billion.
• M&A giant, seeking to expand and consolidate offerings through promising upstarts and through acquiring well-known brands with an already proven customer base.
• $1.5 billion in headwinds are expected to alleviate by the end of FY2022 as inventories decrease, inflation decreases, and global supply bottlenecks alleviate.
• Geographically diversified, with significant growth in emerging markets including China and South America.

Building Benjamins

Flash Dividend Buy: HBI and SWK

Flash Dividend Buy: HBI and SWK June 15, 2022 I am buying two stocks with dividends: Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. (SWK) Yield 2.96% Hanesbrands Inc. (HBI)  Yield 5.76% Full reports to follow. 


AFC Gamma,12%, and Chicago Atlantic Real Estate Finance, 9%, High Yielding REITS in Cannabis Lending

AFC Gamma (AFCG) and Chicago Atlantic Real Estate Finance (REFI) are commercial REITs focused on loans to the cannabis industry. They originate direct loans to the underserved-by-traditional-finance cannabis industry.

Proven Portfolio Manager shares his own personal stock investments to build retirement income and build a family legacy

Benjamin C. Halliburton is faced with the same challenge as you, investing for retirement and building generational wealth. However, he is a professional investor and is going to share his portfolio and trades with you. He is going to help you navigate this investment challenge as he invests in stocks of quality businesses and guides you through the investment process.

Timely Updates and Research

Ben details stocks to own and when to buy them. The ideas here are based on his own portfolio. Ben will update you every time he buys or sells and provide you with the rationale of these moves. We keep you informed on changes in the portfolio as Ben’s research interacts with market opportunities. We will be completely transparent, and you can determine which of Ben’s investment ideas make sense for you. You will learn how a successful equity portfolio manager thinks about companies and investments, and when he buys but as importantly when and why he has decided to sell. We detail our investment philosophy here. Stock Picks to Build Income and Wealth.

Learn Before You Earn

Learn in real time and choose which ideas work for you. This is a great place to build the core of your portfolio. We provide vision among the confusion of the internet and media. Learn about companies before you invest your Benjamins. Learn before you earn.