Building Benjamins

B2Gold Reports Record Low Cost with Record High Output

• 4.3% dividend yield.
• One of the lowest AISC in history, at $788/oz.
• Significant ESG progress with >95% of the workforce is local, and solar initiatives to reduce heavy fuel consumption.
• Efficiency increases, and significant expansion opportunities are available at existing sites.
• Greenfield expansion possibilities in Finland and Uzbekistan.

Building Benjamins

TDK To Grow on Solid State Batteries.

Building Benjamins

FSK Lends Itself to Attractive Returns

• High 10.5% dividend yield.
• Compelling valuation, large institutional backing.
• 64% of investment portfolio is senior secured debt, with an average yield of 8.6%.
• >95% of investments are lead or co-lead lender, across 152 companies.

Building Benjamins

FNF Insures Its Position at Top of Real Estate and Title Insurance Market

• 3.4% dividend yield is the highest in the sector.
• Top provider of title insurance and real estate settling services in 42 states.
• F&G partnership with Blackstone to enhance portfolio value and provide further financial stability.
• Total revenue up 72.4% in 1H 2021, indicating strong real estate recovery and reduction in COVID-19 morbidity from 2020.

Building Benjamins

Raytheon Locks-Onto Next Gen Future

• Series of successful bolt-on acquisitions, including Rockwell-Collins and Pratt & Whitney.
• Free cash flow machine, with a projected $10 billion a year by 2025.
• Massive opportunity for modernization in both commercial and military sectors.
• Compelling 2.6% dividend with $2 billion in share buybacks expected in 2021.

Building Benjamins

Nomad Royalty the King of Golden Opportunities

• 2.9% is the best yield in the gold royalty sector.
• Favorable market conditions drive mining firms to seek alternative financing options like NSR.
• Royalties on 8 producing mines, 1 mine in construction, and 6 mines in other stages of development.
• 96% of income is from precious metals (gold and silver).
• Global Deficit Spending and Unprecedented Monetary Expansion set the stage for the gold and silver bull market.

Building Benjamins

Sachem Renovates its REIT Loans

• 9.3% dividend yield.
• Conservative loan-to-value loans funding developers and house-flippers.
• Average loan term of 8 months, with a principal value of about $300,000.
• Mortgage portfolio yield at 11.7%, with over 90% of income is passed through to shareholders.
• Attractive valuation, yield, and growth potential.

Building Benjamins

Prudential Financial Provides Prudential Financial Management

• 4.3% Dividend Yield.
• Aggressive cost-savings measures, with a renewed commitment to returning value to shareholders.
• Top foreign advisor in Japan and several strategic partnerships in markets with an emerging middle class.
• Significant recovery from COVID-19, with a 93.3% operating income increase.
• Diversified services from life insurance, pension management, individual asset management, and retail investor offerings.

Building Benjamins

Farmer Mac Represents Stability in Rural America

• 3.45% Dividend Yield – Modest 9-11% expected growth.
• Government-sponsored enterprise (GSE) dedicated to providing secondary loan market liquidity to traditionally underserved rural areas.
• Expanding business operations with the acquisition of loan servicer and the desire to branch into renewable energy loan acquisition.
• With the vast expansion of the agricultural market, production needs to double by 2050 to meet global demand.
• Solid loans are underlying mortgage securities with a low delinquency ratio (0.12% cumulatively).

Building Benjamins

Franchise Group is Franchising Cash

• 4.1% dividend yield poised to grow.
• Free cash flow machine and compelling valuation.
• Broad investment portfolio of strong, profitable brands.
• Strategy to acquire, develop and franchise brands.
• Brands Operating within growing markets with large total-addressable-market sizes.
• Significant recovery from COVID-19 and rapidly increasing profitability and free cash flow

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