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VIDEO: Ovintiv OVV $33.73 – Incredibly inexpensive 4 PE, 17% Free Cashflow Yield, Growing Shareholder Value.

• Ovintiv Enhanced by Drilling Efficiency Improvements Growing Free Cash Flow and Compelling Valuation.
• Free cash reducing debt and raising dividends.
• Aggressive efficiency campaign, which is improving profitability and cash flow.
• 540 MBOe/d portfolio of hydrocarbon wells across the US and Canada.
• Diversified product mix of crude oil, NGLs, natural gas. PE of 4 and 17% Free Cashflow Yield.


VIDEO: Himax Technologies; High growth and Tremendous Value

Growth stock and an unbelievable value. Display technology is everywhere and Himax is growing with it. Set to increase earnings and increase PE from PE of 4 to at least a PE of 12. Big dividend coming in 2022 of at least 10% dividend yield.


Petrobras Enters New Era After Scandal

• 8.8% dividend yield.
• Offshore pre-salt is one of the greatest oil fields on Earth.
• Breaking ESG, revenue, and debt reduction targets.
• 85% market share in Brazil, significant Chinese and European export market.
• First pick on government-owned oil deposits, with favorable contracts.


Suncor Drills Down its Costs and Carbon Emissions

• 5% dividend yield.
• Resilient business model, with one of the highest returns on invested capital in the sector.
• Expansion beyond hydrocarbons into biofuels, wind, and hydrogen.
• #1 consumer fuel brand in Canada, extensive portfolio of refineries and drilling operations.
• Cost savings measures deliver significant upside and lower breakeven prices.

gold vid

VIDEO: Gold Stocks with Dividends and High Upside


B2Gold Reports Record Low Cost with Record High Output

• 4.3% dividend yield.
• One of the lowest AISC in history, at $788/oz.
• Significant ESG progress with >95% of the workforce is local, and solar initiatives to reduce heavy fuel consumption.
• Efficiency increases, and significant expansion opportunities are available at existing sites.
• Greenfield expansion possibilities in Finland and Uzbekistan.


Royal Dutch Shell Drops an Unforced Fumble in Integrated Gas

Royal Dutch Shell was sold as the company reported a 22% miss in earnings, primarily because of mismanagement in the Integrated Gas business. As we still believe the sector has legs, we are swapping our capital into Suncor.


Amazon Invests in Future Beyond Simple Retail

• Gargantuan global reach, with a massive, sustained in-house logistics network.
• Can consistently price out the competition, offering tens of millions of customers 2 days or less delivery on millions of products.
• Image renewal, with significant bonuses and salary increases for all employees.
• Diversifying offerings with generic SKUs, Amazon Prime Video, and Amazon Web Services offerings.
• Regulatory and legislative scrutiny could slow growth and increase costs.


VIDEO: Qorvo Compelling Growth and a Great Value


VIDEO: TDK To Grow on Solid State Batteries.

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