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What’s Made from a Barrel of Oil?

• Crude oil and natural gas liquids are ubiquitous.
• Carbon based energy has unmatched energy density.
• It will be difficult to wean the world off oil and natural gas.
• Natural gas is the cleaner and greener of the two.
• Demand for crude oil will continue for decades.
• Natural gas demand will continue to grow.


US budget deficit through July hit $2.54 Trillion with a T

Deficit spins out of control with Covid stimulus.

Explosion of deficit spending on top of already broken fiscal budget.

Covid spending was on top of never repaid 2008 Financial Crises bailout.


Green Energy Gaining Share in Electricity

Green Energy is gaining share within the electricity generation industry.
• Renewables up to 21% in 2020
• Natural Gas largest at 40%
• Nuclear Power carbon-free at 20%


Bonds are Low Return and High Risk

Many investors have yet to realize what is clearly evident on the charts. I want to emphasize that I do not know the timing of the increase in interest rates, but I do know rates will probably go up when market forces take over, and the Fed stops its extraordinarily accommodative bond-buying program.


Speculation is Back to Dotcom Bubble Euphoria

Bubbles last longer than expected by rational investors and burst faster than speculative traders can fathom. So while we don’t know when this bubble will pop, we are being cautious and avoiding the more speculative high-growth stocks in the market.


Did You Have the 20/20 Vision to See the 2020 Bear?


Pros and Cons of Investing in Dividend Stocks in a Bear Market

Outside Author in US News.

Investing in dividend stocks during a bear market may reward patient investors with long-term profits.


Inflation Silent Acceleration


COVID-19 is a Black Swan

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a “Black Swan” event. This unexpected and hard-to-predict event was not within the range of normal expectations. Nonetheless, it will result in a severe economic contraction on a global basis in 2020. While the magnitude of the human tragedy is still unknowable and outside the realm of our expertise, the economic…


After the 10-Year Bull Market, Are Stocks Overvalued? After the 35-Year Bull Market in Bonds, Are Bonds Overvalued?

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