Building Benjamins

PayPal Pays for Future with Successful Digital Wallet

• Digital Payment Industry Leader.
• Good management, high customer ratings, and successful strategic acquisitions.
• Successful product launches in 2021 propel Total Addressable Market (TAM) to over $100 trillion.
• As shown by PayPal, an extensive partner network is accepted at nearly every major online retailer.
• Compelling Valuation is given the growth rate and leading competitive position. Price-to-Sales ratio of only 4.0.


Elanco Drives a Herd of Successful Animal Drugs

• Owns 9 of the 40 >$100m in sales “blockbuster” drugs in the animal health market.
• Rapid expansion in China, capitalizing heavily on the global pet boom during the COVID-19 pandemic.
• R&D heavily focused on finding blockbusting novel drugs.
• The spinoff of Eli Lilly was fully completed in 2020.
• Double-digit EBITDA and EPS growth forecast for 2022.

Building Benjamins

12-13% Dividend Yield. Chesapeake Energy Corporation CHK. Low debt after emerging from bankruptcy.

• 13% dividend yield.
• Strong balance sheet.
• Benefiting from bankruptcy emergence in 2021.
• Natural gas producer with basins in Marcellus and Haynesville.
• Natural gas demand continues to grow with electrical power demand increases.

Building Benjamins

Southwestern Energy SWN. Cost reduction drives free cash explosion. Low PE of 3.3 poised to expand.

• Incredibly inexpensive at 3.3 times earnings.
• Prodigious free cash generation used to pay down debt.
• Highly levered balance sheet poised to be paid down.
• Natural gas producer with basins in Marcellus and Haynesville.
• Natural gas demand continues to grow with electrical power demand.
• Cost improvements increasing free cashflow.

Building Benjamins

Big Free Cash and Low 3.3 Price Earnings Ratio

• Very inexpensive 3.3 PE for Southwestern Energy.
• Stock poised to rise dramatically as debt is reduced and balance sheet strengthened thus lowering risk.
• Free cash generation used to pay down debt which will drive PE higher.
• Natural gas demand continues to grow for electricity generation.
• Reductions in drilling costs driving free cash flow higher.
• Expanded footprint by 700 MMcf/d with GEP Haynesville LLC (GEP) acquisition.

Building Benjamins

13% Expected Dividend Yield for 2022 for Chesapeake

• Dividend yield expected to reach 13% with completion of Chief acquisition.
• Strong balance sheet and asset base.
• Balance sheet benefited from debt write downs during bankruptcy.
• Emerged from bankruptcy in a great position in 2021.
• Natural gas producer with basins in Marcellus, Haynesville, and Eagle Ford.
• Natural gas demand continues to grow as electricity generation increases.
• New management team, post-bankruptcy, with conservative and strong balance sheet and prodigious free cash generation.

Building Benjamins

Energy Stocks Benefit from Limited Investment in Oil & Gas production. Low supply = Higher price.

• Recovery in Oil and Gas prices and stocks looks sustainable. Stocks still represent a good investment opportunity in our opinion. Energy stocks benefit from limited investment in oil and gas production and development.
Concerns over global warming and greenhouse gas emissions limit capital flows to the oil and gas industry.
• This lack of capital has reduced the amount of new development and production. US drilling activity down thus lowering supply.
• Demand for oil has recovered to 2019 levels and is poised to grow at 3% for the next several years.
• Increased demand has eaten into OPEC’s excess capacity cushion.
• Lower supplies of oil result in higher price. US supplies unusual lack of response to higher price means prices will stay higher longer.

Building Benjamins

Steady 4.1% Dividend Yield set to Surge in 2023

• 4.1% Dividend Yield is one of the highest in the sector.
• Yield expected to dramatically increase in 2023
• Significant domestic market share, with joint-ventures to take advantage of global growth.
• Intense environmental pledges to be met by 2030.
• Debt reduction and efficiency streamlining campaign.

Building Benjamins

Steady Dividend set to surge into 2023. International Paper. 3.95% Yield. IP

• Steady Dividend set to surge into 2023 with cost cutting and post 2022 capex surge.
• 3.95% Dividend Yield.
• Box demand growing with nominal GDP.
• Online shopping will continue to drive demand for boxes.
• Free cash surge can be used to raise dividend and repurchase shares.
• Inflation hedge as box price increases can go up with inflation.
Steady, reliable, inflation-protected dividend.
• Opportunity with stock down 24% from its $61.83 high.


Omega Healthcare Investors Recovery Fails to Materialize

Omega Healthcare Investors (OHI) was sold as the damage from COVID is lasting longer than we had anticipated. We were expecting a stronger recovery in occupancy that is failing to materialize.

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