Stock Thoughts


Unilever Hungry for More Acquisition Opportunities

• Strong consumer brands in emerging markets.
• A diverse range of products across consumer staples and consumer discretionary categories.
• Strategic acquisitions of products already in demand by consumers.
• 400 brands across 190 countries.
• Short-term inflation pressure should dissipate by 2022.
• Modest but steady growth combined with a 3.5% dividend yield.


Bonanza Creek Drills Out Winning Position in DJ Basin with Merger

• 4.8% estimated yield for 2022 with a projected $1.85 dividend per share.
• Leadership position with strong production and assets in Colorado’s DJ Basin.
• Attractive merged enterprise with all parties taking stock and contributing assets with a low valuation.
• Valuation could expand with decreasing costs, expanded production capacity, and larger market capitalization.
• 425,000 acres of land, with 117-160k MBoe/d after the merger.


Hasbro is a Toy to Play with for Growth and Income

• 2.7% Yield and High Single-Digit Growth
• Diverse brands of entertainment products for all ages.
• Brands in demand by consumers
• Excellent record for social responsibility.
• Strong profitability funding both product development and delivering of balance sheet.
• Consistently distributes over 50% of earnings as dividends.


Himax Semiconductors Display Growth

• Displays are becoming more prevalent and more complex.
• Himax has leading technology with3,023 active patents.
• Displays are everywhere: computers, cars, phones, televisions, check-outs, kiosks.
• Profits are funding capital spending and research and development to drive innovation and market penetration in emerging fields.
• 1.95% dividend yield and compelling low valuation.


CVS is an Unappreciated Growth and Income Stock

• A steady, modest grower with compelling low valuation.
• A diverse range of segments from retail to pharmacy to health insurance.
• Top provider of COVID-19 services.
• Ambitious “Transform Health 2030” program to increase outreach and impact.
• 97 straight quarters of dividends.
• New HealthHub locations to drive local engagement.


The Future is Sunny for Canadian Solar

• Leading global manufacturer of solar panels.
• Solar is becoming cost-effective without subsidies.
• Significant tailwinds as green energy spend accelerates.
• Favorable legislation and technology improvements are allowing the price per KWh to decrease and planning to become more accessible.
• Solar electricity to benefit from a global push for green energy.
• Solar to benefit from both distributed generation and solar farms.
• Long PPA contract length and large >5GW project backlog.


Equitrans set to Increase Free Cash when Long-Delayed MVP Opens

• 2022 expected launch of the long-delayed Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) is a probable catalyst.
• MVP launch will increase earnings, cashflows, and dividends.
• Removal of MVP risk, in our opinion, will drive higher valuation.
• Conservative strategy to bolster free cash with long-length contract renewal periods.
• De-levering plan to strengthen balance sheet in the long-term.
• Solid 7.3% dividend yield based on highly predictable cash flow.
• Ambitious ESG promises to reduce the environmental impact of natural gas pipelines.


Qorvo Qualifies Quantitatively as Quality Quintessential 5G Opportunity

• Beneficiary of 5G buildout
• Key player in embedded systems and RF technologies.
• Global manufacturing, marketing, and R&D footprint.
• 41% increase in revenue since 2020, high operating margin.
• Industry leader in 5G, WiFi6E, UWB, PAC manufacturing.


Virtual Machines, Real Growth

• Separation from Dell is a catalyst for a higher valuation.
• Profiting from work from home and hoteling.
• Benefiting from integrated cybersecurity demand.
• Breadth of products and services for firms of all sizes.
• Scalable use cases, extensive portfolio of partnerships across industries.


Lowe’s Sees Concrete Future in Online Retail and Distribution

• Benefiting from strong home sales and remodeling market.
• Second largest home improvement retailer in the world.
• 20,000,000 customers a week.
• 26% increase in revenue per square foot in Q1 2021.
• Logistics network enabling same-day delivery to consumers.

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