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An Investment in Knowledge Pays the Best Interest

Benjamin Franklin


Building Benjamins

Virtual Machines, Real Growth

• Separation from Dell is a catalyst for a higher valuation.
• Profiting from work from home and hoteling.
• Benefiting from integrated cybersecurity demand.
• Breadth of products and services for firms of all sizes.
• Scalable use cases, extensive portfolio of partnerships across industries.

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Building Benjamins

Everest Re is on top of the Reinsurance Mountain

• Consistent Double-Digit Compounder.
• Broad customer base with diverse income streams.
• Strong cash flow with a low expense base.
• International reach and excellent management.
• Financial strength is highly rated by S&P and Moody’s.
• 2.6% Dividend Yield.

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Building Benjamins

Johnson & Johnson Remains the First Choice in Medicine

• Leader in healthcare.
• Developer of one of the key COVID-19 vaccines.
• Massive product breadth, covering nearly all healthcare sectors.
• Many flagship products have a long patent life.
• Global manufacturing and distribution reach.
• Expect high single-digit growth in earnings and dividends.

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Building Benjamins

Omega Ready for Demand Boom from Boomers

• Assisted living supply has not met demand.
• 17 consecutive years of dividend growth.
• A large pool of real estate across the US and UK.
• Average lease length of 9 years with most of the portfolio extending to at least 2023 spells low vacancy risk.

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Building Benjamins

5G Advances Connect Qualcomm to the Future

• Patent powerhouse, with 140,000 patents across 14 billion devices.
• At the forefront of IoT and 5G technology.
• Long-term success with picking and investing in startups.
• 157% revenue increase in RF technology components.
• 5% dividend growth in 2021.

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Building Benjamins

Green Electric Charges Boom in Metals

• Dividend more than 9%.
• Boom from elongated commodity cycle.
• Metal’s demand soaring with renewable buildout. Demand recovery from COVID-19 global recession.
• Infrastructure spending will boost demand.
• Increased free cash flow is driving dividends higher and could result in a higher stock price.

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Building Benjamins

Dividend Growth Powers Lincoln’s Value

• Increased dividends for 11 straight years.
• 12.7% 5-year dividend growth rate.
• Best-in-class balance sheet fundamentals.
• Cost-saving measures have netted $100 million in savings during the COVID-19 pandemic, expected to remain.
• Industry-leading digitization initiatives to increase customer satisfaction and outcomes.
• Compelling (low) valuation for a steady dividend grower.

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Building Benjamins

Positive Prognosis for Pfizer’s Powerful Portfolio of Patents

• Developer of one of the key COVID-19 vaccines.
• A long history of fruitful partnerships.
• Massive R&D budget that frequently innovates new products.
• Solid dividend yield of 4% and modest growth.
• Low valuation leaves room for capital appreciation.
• Massive development pipeline, with 95 products in development.

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