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Building Benjamins is a free investment newsletter. We combine stock picks from proven investors and our founder who has been twice named PSN manager of the decade and has invested professionally for over a third of a century. We select quality stocks with good prospects, so you do not need to wade into the clutter of television and the internet. We are not technicians, micro-cap stock proponents or traders in stocks, options or cryptocurrencies. We are long-term investors in stocks of good companies.

Growth Trumps Value Every Time

The price of a stock or its “valuation” is always important. However, our decades of experience indicate that growth is the number one factor for investors to consider before purchasing an equity. Combining growth and valuation leads us to own high-quality companies that have sustainable and growing businesses and trade below our estimates of intrinsic value.

Growth Provides Higher Retirement Income and Wealth

A stock of a company with a 4% yield growing at 9% can be a spectacular buy for an income or retirement investor if purchased at the right valuation, a stock price below its intrinsic value. In eight years, the dividend will have doubled; if the stock yield stays at 4%, the stock will also have doubled. The importance of growth, even for income investors, cannot be overstated.

Growth Drives Business and Stock Values Higher

The quality of the business determines growth in revenues, earnings, and free cash flow. Big winners in “Growth Stocks,” more than 12% growth, and “Hypergrowth,” more than 20% growth, are determined by the qualitative business fundamentals. Valuation is less important than the level and duration of the high growth. For a company with 25% growth for ten years, today's purchase price does not need to be precise because the compounding effect of “Hypergrowth” will result in the company being 9.3 times larger in ten years than it is today. This does not mean you can buy it at any price, but it does mean you can buy it at a multiple of the valuation of an average stock.

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Our Founder

35 Years of Proven Investment Success

Ben was twice named “PSN Manager of the Decade.” He has been researching, investing, and picking stocks since 1986. He moved his clients to cash two weeks before the October 1987 crash as treasury bond yields hit 10% and stock price-to-earnings passed 20. As a partner and portfolio manager at Brundage, Story and Rose in the 1990s, he purchased numerous ten baggers.

An Experienced Professional Investor Shares his Stock Picks

Benjamin C. Halliburton is our founder, and he is faced with the same challenge as you, investing for retirement and building generational wealth. However, he is a professional investor and is going to share his portfolio and trades with you. He is going to help you navigate this investment challenge as he invests in stocks of quality businesses and guides you through the investment process.

Well Done is Better Than Well Said

Ben founded Tradition Capital Management in 2000 and was named “PSN Manager of the Decade” for All-Cap in the 2000s and “PSN Manager of the Decade” for Dividend Value in the 2010s. Since starting his investment career at Merrill Lynch in 1986, Ben has been continuously involved in investing. He managed money while earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a focus on finance from Duke’s Fuqua School of Business in 1990, where he was distinguished as a Fuqua Scholar. In 1994, he earned the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. He was the top-performing portfolio manager at his firm and his “Disciplined Growth Strategy” outperformed the S&P500 in the 1990’s bull market. Ben was the youngest partner at his firm and was called “the best investor I have ever met” by one of the senior managing partners.

Author of "Wiser Investing"

Ben authored a book, Wiser Investing: Diversify Your Portfolio Beyond Stocks and Bonds published by ForbesBooks. Many investors share a short-term outlook, narrowing their focus so much that they miss the long game being strategically implemented by the uber-wealthy and institutions. While you’ve not been doing anything wrong by using just stocks and bonds, what if you could now obtain wiser investment strategies?

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