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An Investment in Knowledge Pays the Best Interest

Benjamin Franklin

Antero Midstream

Antero Midstream’s Impressive 9% Yield is Set to Grow

• Antero is set to grow its already impressive 9% yield.
•Incremental volumes over existing infrastructure will cause free cash to explode.
• We see the likelihood that that dividend will be 25% higher in 5 years.
• Dividend growth and revaluation should drive double-digit total returns over the next few years.

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Building Benjamins

Bloom Energy Looks like a Winner in New Green Energy

•Biden’s Infrastructure and Green Energy plans are set to ignite the green energy market.
• Bloom expects its addressable market to explode to over $200 Billion by 2025.
• Bloom projects 25-30% revenue growth over the next 5 years.
• Bloom leads the stationary Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) industry.
• We expect Bloom Energy Stock (BE) to appreciate in line with revenue growth as more scale drives increased profitability.

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Coinbase Leads Cryptocurrencies into Mainstream

• Leading custodian in cryptocurrency.
• Number one cryptocurrency retail trading platform.
• Strong security and customer trust.
• Only listed cryptocurrency exchange.
• $335B quarterly volume traded, $223B in assets on the platform.
• Global operations with customers in over 100 countries.

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