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Newmont Digs Out Cash Flow with Grand Expansion Plans

• 3.7% Yield.
• Stable production of 8m gold equivalent ounces past 2030.
• 88% of reserves are held in stable nations.
• Wide project pipeline, developing mines all over the world.
• Above $1200/oz returned to shareholders.
• Only gold producer in the S&P500.


5G and Self Driving Advances Drive Murata

• Near majority market-share in several key semiconductor markets.
• 1.5% dividend yield and rapid margin expansion.
• Ready for 5G and IoT demand spikes.
• Prudential upper management and waste reduction targets implemented.


High Dividend Yield Anchored by Slate’s Grocery Anchors

• Superior 8.2% Yield.
• $540 million in accretive acquisitions in the last year.
• Diversified footprint across major US metropolitan areas and grocery store tenants.
• Long-least terms with most expiring past 2026.
• High occupancy rates are driven by grocery store focus.


Ovintiv Enhanced by Drilling Efficiency Improvements

• Growing Free Cash Flow and Compelling Valuation.
• Free cash reducing debt and raising dividends.
• Aggressive efficiency campaign, which is improving profitability and cash flow.
• 540 MBOe/d portfolio of hydrocarbon wells across the US and Canada.
• Diversified product mix of crude oil, NGLs, natural gas.


5G Portfolio Connects SWKS to Next-Gen Advances

• The beneficiary of 5G Mobile Phone Growth.
• 4,000 patents and growing.
• Star-studded client list including most FAANG firms, top defense contractors, and internet/cellular service providers.
• Award-winning Sky5 system powers the future of IoT.
• Wide breadth of products from wearable smart devices to medical equipment to spacecraft.
• Record Q3 revenue growth of 52% YoY.


Demand Recovery Gives TDK Outlook a Jolt

• Solid-State Battery Innovator.
• Beneficiary of increases in technology in cars.
• Poised to capitalize on growth in the Internet of Things (IoT).
• Modest valuation with 1.54% dividend yield.
• Green energy push could be an expansion opportunity.
• 8.1% projected increase in sales for FY2022.


FedEx Delivering On-Time Financial Returns

• Benefiting from internet shopping and just in time inventory.
• Increasing market share for Freight and Ground services.
• Final integration of TNT acquisition driving margin improvements.
• Carbon neutrality by 2040, coupled with financial health pledges already bearing fruit.
• Ships to 220 countries, covering 99% of the world’s GDP.
• Compelling valuation especially given its growth profile.


Pan American Pans for Expansion Opportunities

• Growing production and growing demand for silver. PAAS owns and operates most of its mines.
• Several brown and greenfield expansion opportunities amount to nearly 1 billion potential ounces in silver reserves.
• Silver is a critical metal for the carbon-neutral economy, being a key component in solar panels and computer components.
• Excellent environmental, social, and governance record.


Akamai Riding the Wave on the Intelligent Internet

• Intelligent Internet with faster speeds and better security.
• Industry leader in content delivery.
• Security offerings are growing rapidly.
• Free cash powers acquisition of firms and development of new products.
• Robust network and rated top firm by IT research firms.


Curaleaf’s Rapid Growth in Growing and Retail is a Growth Opportunity for Investors

• Strong profitable revenue growth over the next several years.
• Legal cannabis market to hit $22 billion in 2021.
• Federal decriminalization would open additional markets, lower costs and improve the valuation of the industry.
• Diverse product mix targeting both medicinal and legal recreational cannabis.
• #1 in market share in 8 U.S. states.
• New acquisitions in the U.S. and E.U. give massive addressable market.

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