Passions and Interests Rules

Please submit your pictures or videos of your amazing events, trips, or milestones. We reserve the right to post these items at our sole discretion based on our opinion of whether these were truly extraordinary events. We are trying to keep this area exclusive and thus noteworthy and inspiring for review by our members.

With respect to privacy, we will comply with your privacy wishes with regards to your post. We can make the post of your incredible event available to other members without attributing the event to your name if that is your preference. If you prefer your name to be included, please make that clear with regard to your posting; the default posting will be without your name. If you submit photos with pictures of you or other people, you are granting us the right to post your personal image on the website. If you do not want any of your images of you, your family or friends posted, please do not submit any pictures or videos with people images. All images in your submissions to us are postable; you have granted us the right to post that picture or video in its entirety. We will not be editing people out of the pictures or videos.

If your pictures or videos are accepted for posting on our website, we will provide you with 5 Benjis. Please see Benji Rules for more in-depth explanation.

Charities that post their events will also receive Benjis. The number will depend on the magnitude and scope of the event, and its availability for website traffic links and new member referrals. Varialbe amount between 5 and 50 Benjis. Specifically, in addition to the posting of the event, the charity can refer to the website and earn Benjis. We will provide the charity with a Benji for every referral that signs up as a member.

See Benji Rules for more details.