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Roubini Sees 25% Drop for S&P 500 in Severe Recession 0-53 screenshot

Video: Roubini Sees 25% Drop for S&P 500 in Severe Recession

Nouriel Roubini, chairman and CEO at Roubini Macro Associates, discusses how a recession can impact US equity and credit markets with Francine Lacqua on “Bloomberg Surveillance Early Edition.”


Verano: How To Succeed In U.S. Cannabis

Chief Investment Officer Aaron Miles shares why Verano (OTCQX:VRNOF) got dinged when it went public and how it’s shaping its strategy as the market continues to develop.


High Yield Cannabis REIT – AFC Gamma CEO Leonard Tannenbaum

Building Benjamins

Trulieve CEO Interview with Seeking Alpha

Building Benjamins

Russia-Ukraine, peak commodity inflation may dictate 2022

Commodities and inflation measures in 2022 may run into the downside of the base effect of 2021, while industrial metals near records face the higher-price cure, a weakening China and a Federal Reserve emboldened to fight inflation. Gold appears well supported and its top competitor — rising equity prices — may be waning.

Building Benjamins

Energy Inside Look: Rising LNG Prices, Supply Chain Woes, and What’s Next for Metals

· The burgeoning energy crisis and oil’s role in it. (0:45) · How might OPEC respond? (06:45) · ‘Winners’ in the energy sector from the supply crunch (8:24) · Container shipping supply chain woes (11:15) · Companies that could benefit from shipping. (15:33) · Outlook for metals during energy transition (16:29) Click Here to be Redirected to Content

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Organon Organically Opens the Biosimilar Door

● Modest forward earnings and FCF multiples (5-6x) offer a margin of safety and opportunity for rerating.
● Competent management team with a clear strategy for capital allocation, debt reduction, and organic and acquisitive growth.
● Attractive dividend yield over 3%.
● A classic underwhelming spin-off that offers multiple catalysts to unlock fair value.