Best Invest Rules

Best invest utilizes investment ideas from proven investors. These stock picks are curated by Building Benjamins; however, the research and the ideas themselves are formulated by other professional investors or Building Benjamins club members.

Building Benjamins members who have a high conviction stock idea are welcome to submit this idea and its investment thesis for consideration for posting under the Best Invest section. While we will accept any good investment idea as long as it is well researched and investment thesis is logical, we do prefer investment recommendations where the writer has extensive industry knowledge. This could be an industry in which you work or are a customer of personally or in a work capacity. Moreover, if you see a product or service which you think is great, we would be happy to investigate the possible merits of investing in the company that produces said product. Early identification of companies producing a great product in a growing market is one of the preferred methods of identifying long term growth stocks. We welcome this identification of such product even if you lack the financial skills to determine the merits of making a possible investment. Fully researched and developed reports will receive 50 Benjis for their contribution to our website. Identification of a great product that results in purchase of the stock of the company making this product and posting it will receive 20 Benjis. If you provide valuable insight for feedback one of Mr. Halliburton’s possible investment candidates that he has posted on Best Invest or one his stocks in Stock Thoughts, you will receive 10 Benjis.

Please note that with all of these endeavors we are focused on the business attributes of the companies. This is where your contribution can be most valuable. How are the quality of the product and services? Do they have an exceptional distribution or asset base? Does the company’s Research and Development produce defensible patents in growing markets? Do the brands instill customer loyalty and allow for premium pricing and profitability? These types of items are where we believe our Building Benjamin club members can add the most value to our investment process.

Please note we reserve the right to publish only items that we feel are helpful and insightful. Benjis will only be awarded if the website publishes your particular research report, product company idea or your feedback on a working idea candidate or Stock Thought stock. If we opt not to publish, there are no Benjis awarded. We reserve the right to post any report at our sole discretion. Please see Benji Rules for more in-depth explanation.