TIME IS MONEY ~ Benjamin Franklin

  • Build Benjis by contributing to the website

    You will earn Benjis as you help contribute ideas. Benjis represent membership reward points. Contribute a great stock idea? Capture Benjis. Charities gather Benjis when they link an event to Join or refer a friend and acquire some Benjis.
  • Benjis Are Membership Reward Points

    In the future, Benjis may become redeemable. Users of Building Benjamins, like any social networking site, add value to the site. The more users participate, the more value they add to Building Benjamins, and the more Benjis they will collect.
  • Our Users are the Value – Networking Effect

    Contribution to the site by joining, inviting, posting, sharing and participating adds value to the information and the website. Referrals and new users are what makes the site potentially valuable as the possibility of advertising or premium content becomes available. Revenues would then mean the site starts to have some value and your Benjis could be redeemable for premium content or potential ownership participation. See Benji rules page. Benji Rules.
  • More Participation is More Benjis

    Let’s participate and make the site a valuable investment resource. If we have a revenue generation opportunity and can make the site have value, Benji owners will participate. Currently, there are no revenues for the site, only costs. Benjis are currently worthless. We make no promise that Benjis will ever have value. Rules on how Benjis points are awarded and redeemed are at the discretion of Building Benjamins and Building Benjamins, LLC. The terms Benji, Benji point, and membership reward are all one and the same.See Benji Rules.