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Benji Rules

Benjis are awarded at Building Benjamins.com sole discretion. The amount of the awards for participation and building the site can be changed or eliminated at any time at Building Benjamin’s sole discretion. Nothing on the site is a contractual obligation that Building Benjamins will continue to reward Benjis as currently specified. Benji awards for different levels of participation can be changed or eliminated at any point and any time at Building Benjamin's sole discretion without prior notification.

Benjis currently have no value and merely represent membership points for contributions and participation. We make no assertions that Benjis will ever have any tangible value. If at some point in time, Building Benjamins is generating revenues and profits from either advertising, referral services, or membership fees, Benjis may begin to have some value and could be exchanged for the above-mentioned services. We also reserve the right to potentially convert Benjis into ownership interest in BuildingBenjamins.com. We make no guarantee that this event will ever occur as it will only have value if Building Benjamins transforms itself into a revenue and profit seeking organization. Currently, Building Benjamins has no revenues and no profits, only costs.

We make no assertion that Benjis will ever have any value. Benjis as currently provide are merely recognition of your participation and contribution. Currently, there are no revenues for the site, only costs. Benjis are currently worthless. We make no promise that Benjis will ever have value. Benjis points are awarded and redeemed at the sole discretion of Building Benjamins and Building Benjamins, LLC. The terms Benji, Benji point, and membership reward are all one and the same.

Event Reward
Charity referral of new member1 Benji
New Member and Referral of New Member1 Benji
Feedback on a stock on our website10 Benjis
Identification of a great product20 Benjis
Charity post of their event5 to 50 Benjis
Fully researched and developed stock report50 Benjis

If a member is referring fake email addresses, knowingly duplicate emails or confirming emails for real people, the member will forfeit some and possibly all of their Benjis. Referring or confirming emails addresses that are not attached to real people will result in loss of some and most likely all of your Benjis. One act of Benji fraud will result in loss of all your Benjis. Building Benjamins LLC has the right to cancel Benjis based on its judgement and at its sole discretion.